My name is AJ McKeown and I’m the creator and owner of Strengthu Fitness & Nutrition Inc. This company was formed 4 years ago when I started my journey as a Personal Trainer. Strengthu has come a long way since then and keeps on growing. My company is different in that I take care of all clients' nutrition goals. I'm in the process of becoming a Registered Dietitian, so I'm perfectly capable of helping you reshape your body. You can not outwork a bad diet. My trainers and I are looking forward to working with you towards your goals!


Strengthu Fitness & Nutrition Inc. is an in-home personal training business located throughout Fairfield County, Westchester County, Rockland County and Bergen County. Each one of our trainers comes with 5 plus years of experience and they are completely certified and insured. Our trainers will show up to your homes fully equipped, so you don’t have to worry about anything besides training. Whether it be strength development, muscle gain, weight loss or increasing endurance, our trainers are prepared for it all.

In-home training has become extremely popular over the past few years. Get the comfort and security knowing that you do not have to leave your personal space in order to get a good workout in. Our clients have raved about the amount of time they’ve saved by cutting out just the commute alone. Do yourself the same and workout at home with one of our trainers.


Strengthu is excited to announce that it is now taking on clients looking for nutritional counseling. We take pride in taking care of our clients' nutrition. We offer counseling to all of our personal training clients as well as anyone else that is interested. Nutrition counseling is in high demand so book your consultation with AJ today.


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AJ: Founder and Owner

AJ services Westchester & Fairfield Counties
I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and have worked with over 100 people of all varieties. I have a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology from Adelphi University and another one in nutrition & dietetics from Queens College. I am currently in the final step in becoming a Registered Dietician which ends this coming Spring. I have worked with Division I athletes through an internship with the Strength and Conditioning Department at Florida International University in Miami, FL. I am also a former collegiate track & field middle distance runner. I specialize in developing strength and creating healthy lifestyle habits for my clients. My favorite part of being a personal trainer is transforming clients bodies and enabling them with self confidence that translates into everyday life.
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Alycia services Westchester & Fairfield Counties
Alycia has 6 years of experience in the personal training industry & focuses on functional fitness. She has a certification in prenatal and postpartum fitness, she’s an integrative nutrition coach, & a meditation teacher. Alycia is also certified in adaptive special needs training. Passionate about movement & exercise herself she is a dancer, an avid hiker, likes to canoe & go camping, & enjoys other outdoor activities that challenge her.
Qualifications/certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist, Certified in Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness, CPR/AED, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Adaptive Special Needs Trainer.
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Jenna services Northeast New Jersey & Rockland County
Jenna began coaching as her competitive career as an athlete in both Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting took off back in 2013. Fast forward to present, Jenna has medalled nationally in the sport of Olympic weightlifting and has competed to a Sanctional level as an individual in the sport of Crossfit, which is quite a feat for someone starting out in their 20’s. Her achievements both as a coach and an athlete led Jenna to be a prominent trainer in London, and the first female Head Coach in the city back in 2017. Her sponsorship with Maximuscle (GSK) gave her experience in running seminars and workshops around the UK and Europe where she taught olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and crossfit. She has a deep comprehension of programming appropriately for clients of different backgrounds, ranging from competitive athletes in both strength sports and endurance sports, to complete novices to training, of all ages. Her priority as a trainer is first and foremost to keep her clients safe and aid them in working around any limitations or injuries they may have. From there she aims to develop mechanics (technique) and to gradually build up their strength and fitness over time.


Ryan services Westchester & Fairfield & Litchfield Counties
Ryan believes in a holistic approach to health that incorporates both the body and mind. This begins and is centered on forming a close relationship with his clients. Understanding your wellness concerns and fitness goals is the first step in forming your training journey. Ryan served as a personal trainer for over five years, training everyone from bodybuilders looking to get bigger to individuals recovering from major surgery to people hoping to lose weight and better their overall health. Mastering one’s own body is the core tenant of my training beliefs. Additionally, he believes in keeping a clear mind through meditation and martial arts. He loves to use pad hitting and other forms of MMA style conditioning as a fun tool to develop fitness.


Servicing Long Island
As a certified personal trainer, Vince’s mission is to save you time and frustration with achieving fitness goals by teaching you how to exercise efficiently. He has been exercising for almost 10 years and training people for 5 years. Vince will provide you with a direct approach, guidance & support, as well as instruction for achieving your goals. He believes it is wise to have a coach that looks & practices what they preach.



-10 pounds for Emily

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-30 pounds for AJ 

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-8 pounds for Lindsey  

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-20 pounds for Molly

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-15 pounds for Candra

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 -25 pounds for Erica

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+8 pounds of muscle for Joe

-12 pounds for Joey  

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+9 pounds of muscle for Dan

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-7 pounds for Mike

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-15 pounds for Roberto

+9 pounds of muscle for Scott

- 15 pounds for Tina